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ArtTutor.com (our membership site) is one of the the largest online art schools with well over 1000 art lessons across a wide range of subjects and mediums. Members of ArtTutor pay a monthly fee to access all of our lessons as often as they like, from any computer in the world. 

We've taken our most popular courses on ArtTutor and made them available on this store to download for a one-off fee. 

There are some pros and cons to downloading our courses instead of joining ArtTutor.com as a member. In the spirit of being completely transparent here they are:

Advantages to Buying Downloadable Courses

  • You get to keep the videos for life, so if you don't get time to watch them this month it doesn't matter.
  • Once downloaded you don't need an Internet connection to watch them back - great if you're tucked away in a little villa in the middle of no where!   

Advantages to Joining our Membership Site

  • You get to sample many different lessons. A monthly membership at ArtTutor lets you 'taste' lots of different lessons before committing to them.
  • The upfront cost of joining is lower (just USD $19). Services like Netflix are so cheap compared to buying DVDs and ArtTutor membership is cheaper than buying downloads.

If you think you'd prefer to join us at ArtTutor for a month with the option to cancel at any time, you can do that here.

Still have questions?

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about our download store