Watching & Downloading the Videos

You can watch the videos below in your web browser using any device (computer, tablet, phone etc.). To download the videos for watching offline, click the play button and then click the download icon in the lower-right of the video.

Please note that you can only download videos whilst watching them on a computer (devices like iPads can't download files from the Internet). Once you have downloaded to a computer, you can then transfer to an iPad or iPhone using iTunes. 

Reference Photo and Final Artwork

To get the most from this class, please download the reference image and Phil's final artwork to work from:

Materials List

The materials list couldn't be easier for this one... all you need is a pencil and some sketching paper (plus an eraser) . I use a B to draw the outline and a 7B to shade but it really doesn't matter which pencils you use.



Lesson 1 - Introduction


Lesson 2 - Springbok


Lesson 3 - Falcon


Lesson 4 - Elephant


Lesson 5 - Lilly (Horse)