Welcome to Getting Started Right with Coloured Pencils!

This course is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 - The Ebook
This is the foundation of the course. Please download it to your computer or tablet and read. Although it's 60 pages, there's lots of images so you'll be able to read it in an hour or so.

Part 2 - Video Lesson
The video lesson takes you through the final study in the e-book (the pear). Please don't jump straight to the section and skip the e-book - you'll miss out on some of the most crucial principles.


Here's the link for downloading the ebook:


Need Help Downloading The Ebook?

1. If you're using a desktop or laptop computers (PCs & Macs)...

  • RIGHT click* on the link you want to download and from the pop up menu choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" or "Download Linked File As".
  • Choose where (on your computer) to save the file and click "Save".
  • Go to the location on your computer where you've just saved the image or PDF and open it.
  • Mac Users: if you use a Mac, you may not have set up a right click function on your mouse or trackpad. To get the pop up menu, hold the CTRL key and LEFT click on the link.

2. If you're using an iPad or iPhone...

  • Tap the link above. The PDF will open on your device.
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3. If you're using an Android tablet or phone

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Watching & Downloading the Videos

You can watch the videos below in your web browser using any device (computer, tablet, phone etc.). To download the videos for watching offline, click the play button and then click the download icon in the lower-right of the video.

Please note that you can only download videos whilst watching them on a computer (devices like iPads can't download files from the Internet). Once you have downloaded to a computer, you can then transfer to an iPad or iPhone using iTunes. 

Reference Photo and Final Artwork

To get the most from this class, please download the reference image and Phil's final artwork to work from:

Materials List

IMPORTANT: you do NOT need the same materials as Phil. In fact, if you try to use exactly the same colours, you'll be missing the point - this is about using the techniques with the materials you have available to you. All you need is a set of coloured pencils (Phil uses a set of 24 Faber-Castell Polychromos, but any brand will do) and some grey toned paper by Strathmore (available on Amazon and again other brands will be fine). 


Lesson 1 - Introduction


Lesson 2 - Colour Choice


Lesson 3 - Preperation


Lesson 4 - Drawing Out


Lesson 5 - Initial Layers


Lesson 6 - Shadow Tones


Lesson 7 - Commit The Colours


Lesson 8 - Finishing Touches