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In this series of lessons Jonathan Newey takes you through advanced steps for painting a tiger, an elephant and a silverback gorilla in acrylics.

He explains exactly what you can achieve with such a versatile medium covering elements such as fur, skin, eyes and other features unique to the wild animal kingdom.

The three animals have been carefully chosen to incorporate range of techniques that can be applied to many more subjects in the natural world. 

With over 4 hours of instruction this is our highest rated acrylics class from a hugely popular and professional instructor.

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Bengal Tiger
African Elephant
Silverback Gorilla

Tutor: Jonathan Newey

Tutor: Jonathan Newey



Hi Jonathan I loved this demonstration, in fact I watched both parts twice. I learned so much from you. After Christmas I will get the acrylics out again (currently using pastels) and first picture will be the Gorilla. Many thanks


Thank you so much Jonathan for a fantastic tutorial. Your teaching style makes it easy to follow and inspires me to give it a go. I love all wild animals and I hope you will do more acrylic videos of these wonderful creatures. Thanks again. Doreen

Donna Stout

I really enjoyed this lesson. I am excited to pick up some of the tecniques you showed in your painting such as the stipling to show short hair and the use of glazes. I am new to acrylics and I pick up something new eah time I see these tutorials. Thanks!

Keith Thompson

I really think this tutorial is excellent. I have only just started to try acrylics and I found Jonathans method of painting fur etc., interesting and informative. I hope more are in the pipeline. Thanks!


Hi Jonathan, Just wanted to say thanks for the tiger video, loved all the techniques I learnt and for once I am actually pleased with my end result. Thanks again.

Carol Oss

Just loved it.  YOu  make it seem so easy....even though it is difficult.  I love the big cats...going to try to do one. Thank you

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USD: $19.99

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3 masterclasses / 4 hours

  RATING:  4.93  (96 votes) 

  RATING: 4.93  (96 votes) 


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