Here are the images you'll learn to paint in this class:


When you look at the quality of Steve's work it's both inspiring and intimidating. We all have aspirations of creating artwork of this standard and through this class you'll discover what it takes to be this good!

Photo-realistic coloured pencils take a long time to produce. They are a labour of love. But rather than showing you hours of repetitive footage, we devised a unique approach with Steve that allows him to show you the key techniques in a fraction of the time.

In 2.5 hours of video lessons, and through three epic images (Ocean Dreams was used as by Derwent as box artwork for their colour pencil sets)  you'll discover what would otherwise take months or years to learn. 

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Workshop 1 - Greek Lady
Materials & Set Up
Eye and Cheek
Background and Clothing

Workshop 2 - Ocean Dreams
Introduction, Water and Hair
Face & Scales

Workshop 3 - Matty
Materials and Set Up
Skin Tones
Supporting Textures

 Tutor: Steve Ormerod

Tutor: Steve Ormerod



just watched again after trying my first coloured pencil drawing it was great to review your techniques after trying a drawing myself. I definately learn more by watching , trying and watching again. Just shows the power of AT you can do that and ask questions too. Looking forward to adding more pencils to my collection and attempting more drawings. Thanks

Patricia Schulenburg

Not too long ago I bought my first wc pencils, but they were Faber Castel.  I'm looking forward to putting your techniques to use.  I usually fast forward through a video the first time then go through it again and again.  This time I didn't want to miss a thing so I watched your video in its entirity the first time.  So why does knowledge create so many questions.  I don't know where to start.  You used water soluable pencils and Colored Pencils and graphite or just WCP and CP.  I'm going to watch it again, but I would love another explaination of this technique and where and why you use WCP vs CP and the combination.  I realize CP won't move if you add water but I'm still a little confused as to how to apply your technique.  I will be watching the video, so some of my questions may be answered and yet may create more.  I'm sure just doing it will help.  Your painting is amazing and your video has stirred me to try this. Bravo, more, more.  Please don't stop here.

Susan Rudoler

Great video, thank you. I learned a lot, you have a different approach to cp that I find very interesting. In particular I am always told how important it is to have a very sharp point on my pencils but I noticed you do not adhere to that rule. I would be very curious if you could find the time to give us your opinion on that. Thanks again.

Diane Sharp

Steve thank you for sharing your wonderful techniques & tips.I have gone out & invested in CP&WCP.I can't wait to give it a go....I hope we will see more videos from you. Happy Painting


It was interesting to watch this piece taking shape, Steve.  I am so looking forward to the coloured pencil course where hopefully there will be pieces that we can use these techniques on.  Thank you.


Steve,  i have enjoyed your videos and find your techniques easy to follow and VERY useful! Can't wait for more!

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    RATING:  4.83  (157 votes) 

  RATING: 4.83  (157 votes) 


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