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Geoff Kersey is a master of the watercolour landscape and one of Britain's (maybe even the world's) best watercolour instructors.

In this comprehensive series aimed at intermediate and advanced watercolourists, Geoff paints four stunning scenes from different parts of the world covering a huge range of painting tips and techniques.

His images and ratings speak for themselves and Geoff is this is our highest ranking class on ArtTutor

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Simple Snow Scene
Mount Fuji
Autumn Lane
Cinque Terre

Tutor: Geoff Kersey

Tutor: Geoff Kersey



This is an awesome tutorial to paint a snow scene. I have never seen snow in real life so I have never been able to paint it. The brushes you use are lovely and they have a nice spring , are these kolinsky brushes? Which brand are these?



Geoff - superb as usual from you - love your tutorials, as already said - this maybe listed as hard - but you make it so accessible to all. Your techniques are clearly detailed and easy to follow - i too will have a go at this one - I may use my own photo but keep in mind all you have taught.

michael leslie

A great tutorial as ever Geof your style of teaching is teriffic. It is too bad you are on the other side of the world from me or I would be in your classes in a heart beat. Have watchd this one about 3 times now to get all the steps fixed in my mind and I am going to give it a go.  I sure hope that you keep doing these tutorials here on ArTutor .

chris bozwood davies

Geoff thank you for a lovely tutorial and I enjoyed the practice. Easy ans simple don't necesarily mean a simple outcome. I feel it is very beautiful because of it's simplicity. Thank you again. I hope you dont mind I added a couple of simple things to the original.


The tutorials on this are fantastic.    Geoff does a fantastic job of breaking down a complcated painting into manageable bits.   His tips on using Masking fluid within a wet area is so tricky I am sure to use it.  The clouds on Mt Fuji steps are great.   It's great to see someone go back in and make changes.   All in all while this a rated hard, I will eventually give it a try.   Thanks Geoff for another fantastic tutorial.


An excellent demonstration with lots of good advice and technique shown. I especially liked the way you reviewed the painting at various points and made adjustments, explaining both how and why you made them. Thanks

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  RATING:  4.96  (163 votes) 

  RATING: 4.96  (163 votes) 


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