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Three great scenes from one of ArtTutor's top 5 instructors. Jane's style is quick and energetic so if you want to learn to paint landscapes with less restriction and less stress, this is a class for you.

With an emphasis on how to capture distance and depth (something sadly lacking from so many amateur landscape paintings), you'll also learn to paint snowy mountains, rock textures and impressionistic foregrounds.

At just under 3 hours, this is one of our shorter and lower priced classes so it's a great introduction for anyone wanting to improve their acrylics. 

LEVEL: beginner to intermediate


Snowy Mountains 
Highland Cows
Nevada Dessert

Tutor: Jane Lazenby

Tutor: Jane Lazenby


Helen Northhill

Thank you Jane. When I was looking for a suitable subject to put on the cover of a novel I wrote about the highlands, I had problems finding a photo. Australia is too far away to dash out and take one of my own. Now i can try to paint my own version of the highland cattle as they featured in my story. I loved the questions you said we should ask ourselves before we considered our work finished. Your hints are invaluable.


I agree with barbara b, I really enjoyed the process but your explanations of the process is invaluable.  I really learned a great deal about watching the harmony of colors as you work, the steps and what you look for to keep 'in line' with what you're trying to achieve in the painting.  Thank you Jane!  I look forward to more of your instruction.  I am learning so much from Art Tutor.  ~Debra

Dancing Brush

Love the freedom of short, sharp expressive strokes and Jane's insistence that we should express our own individuality and ideas and not follow slavishly the original. Great painting style.



You've explained it so clearly ,i'm going to start right now!  I live and walk  in an area that  looks quite like your painting and I never new how to start painting it. Thanks for giving me that extra bit of confidence and knowledge.


Hi Jane - Having been throught that landscape personally your picture made the hairs on my arms and neck stand up and it didn't get any better as you brought the scene to life.  When and if I manage to get the December Challange done I will  have a stab at it.  Wonderful.



Awesome tutorial, the entire process of interpreting the photograph into a painting was very well explained.

USD: $29.99

USD: $14.99

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3 lessons / 3 hours

  RATING:  4.80  (37 votes) 

  RATING: 4.80  (37 votes) 


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