Brusho® allows you to create visually stunning, expressive artwork with the minimum of fuss.

It's fun to use, beginner-friendly and ideal if you want to learn how to create very contemporary, very striking images to hang on your wall or even sell.

Because it's so loose and expressive, it can be faster to learn than traditional watercolour painting (you have no choice but to let the paint do the work). And whereas Watercolour painting can be stressful at times (lots of opportunity for the painting to go wrong), with Joanne's technique of using Brusho® there aren't really any errors to be made.

Brusho® Secrets is the first and only instructional course that shows you how to paint stunning, impressionistic watercolours with Brusho paint powder.

It assumes you're a complete newcomer to Brusho® and takes you through Joanne's step-by-step method for creating vibrant, unpredictable effects and how to turn those into unique pieces of contemporary art.

Joanne is one of the only (probably the only) art tutors in the world to run instructional classes using Brusho® to create this kind of artwork.  Her classes are always booked out.

Her loose style of watercolour painting is highly sought after by major retails stores such as John Lewis in the UK.

Level: Beginner

Tutor: Joanne Thomas

Tutor: Joanne Thomas



Joanne,  Your loose and colorful style is soooooo good.  You are an excellent teacher because not only do you show us techniques, you also share your excitement over the process, which of course, brings a smile to my face and a strong desire to practice.



Joanne is one of my favorite tutors on here.  Just watching her paint inspires me. I love the loose style.  I paint very tight but would very much like to loosen up!   I had never heard of Brushoand found this interesting and informative. 




I really enjoyed this course, the vivid colours are lovely



I've started this course and really enjoy working with Brusho. I've done the tree a few times and think the instructor is quite good. She explains techniques in a clear way and I appreciate that she starts you off in a way that assures a good outcome so you stay motivated.



USD: $29.99

USD: $14.99

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16 lessons

  RATING:  4.92 (12 votes) 

  RATING: 4.92 (12 votes) 


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