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Botanical illustration is the art of capturing accurate colours, textures and shapes of plant species. The challenge of satisfaction that comes from creating supreme accuracy has an almost cult-like following.

This workshop is designed to get you started in botanical art using coloured pencils.

Gaynor Dickeson is an internationally exhibited botanical artist and she shares her expertise in this 6-part workshop painting the Malus 'Gorgeous' Crab Apple group.

By the end of the series as well as being ready to dive in with crab apples, you'll have a set of techniques that you can apply to many more play species and subject matter.

This 2 hour class also comes with a printable e-guide that further expands on the videos lessons.

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Single Crab Apple
Crab Apple Disection

Tutor: Gaynor Dickeson

Tutor: Gaynor Dickeson


michele collett

I just want to say it was this set of tutorials that inspired me to choke and buy my faber castell full range and attempt cp's. I was afraid to attempt them with less than a full range in case i got frustrated and am thrilled with my set.  I tried the apple tutorial in miniature, just one small apple and i really like how it came out, now i have to be brave and try the rest. I am hoping there will be more botanical art demos as they aren't often seen in other places and I want to do more, its soothing in a funny way. Plus it will take lots to perfect before i dare try a stand alone. My drawing skills are not the best yet. Gaynor your tutorial was brilliant, my only complaint is there are not enough of them.


I had a go at the crabapples and it took me many hours but Gaynor's instruction and wonderful reference photo made it much easier than it would have been otherwise.


Thank you so much for these tutorials. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I love doing botanicals but I despaired of the lack of detail I am able to achieve. If had been looking at colored pencil but was unable to find how to do the fine details. Please do more of these for us! Wildlife also if you do that.

Anne Turnbull

It is excellent that the free e book downloads to my iPad.  I can carry it around and learn from it wherever I am.  I hope other artists will consider this approach.

Keith Thompson

This series of CP tutorials have been a joy to watch and together with a print out of the PDF it gives all the information required to produce excellent pieces of art. More please.


Beautiful lesson Gaynor! thank you for the step by step instructions and sharing your talents with everyone  

USD: $39.99

USD: $19.99

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5 lessons / 2 hours
Plus free e-guide

  RATING:  4.92  (63 votes) 

  RATING: 4.92  (63 votes) 


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