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In first Contemporary lesson, Hashim show you his way of painting a floral Rose. Using broad strokes and vibrant colours. It's a nice easy start to get you thinking differently about traditional subjects.

Lesson two we'll move onto a Still Life painting of three peppers in a cup. You'll learn that you can add extra interest, to another traditional subject, by adding a colourful background.

The third Contemporary lesson Hash is looking at Landscapes. One of those standard "cheesy", as Hash would call it, landscapes... However, Hash's style is anything but cheesy and he gives this picturesque image its own contemporary twist.

And in the final study, he's looking at a Townscape. It's a really complex and busy street scene, that most artists would get tied up with, with all of its intricate details... Not Hash though! His broad loose strokes and vibrant colours gives this complex, and difficult image, its own contemporary style.

LEVEL: Intermediate

Tutor: Hashim Akib

Tutor: Hashim Akib



I just love this method of contemporary painting and the way Hash ironically disposes of all its mystery.  Having said that, I'm sure its not as easy as it seems to be - especially for a watercolourist!  I have my doubts as to whether I can actually do it, but- time allowing - I'll certainly give it a go.  I have to. Thank you for sharing with us, Hash.


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4 lessons

  RATING:  4.94 (37 votes) 

  RATING: 4.94 (37 votes) 


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Alison Britt

I love Hash! "And then again, it could all be wrong." He helps free up my painting and his commentary tickles me. What could be better? More please. 



I have to get some paddle brushes - Hash makes them look so indispensable for contemporary painting. He takes the stress out of working wet into wet with acrylics. More please!