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Welcome to Developing Line and Watercolour Wash with Michele Illing! In this course you'll learn how to create eye-catching line and wash artwork - from simple florals right through to intricate townscapes.

In lesson 1, Michele introduces you to the materials you'll be using throughout the course - the types of line drawing tools you'll be using, the recommended paper surface and the limited palette of colours you'll need.

In lesson 2, you'll start with a simple, vibrant floral subject using Indian ink and a dip pen. You'll do the drawing first and then add the colour wash on top.

Moving on to lesson 3, this time you'll start with watercolour and then use a fine liner pen to add line work on top. 

For lesson 4, a baby sparrow, you'll be using both waterproof and non-waterproof pens so you can see the effects that can be created when mixing different types of ink.

In lesson 5, you'll tackle a picturesque townscape scene from France using a brush liner and plenty of watercolour washes. Line and wash is tailor made for this kind of subject matter.

Lesson 6 focuses more on the drawing side of things where you'll be using bamboo pens, sticks and brushes to capture a busy market stall.     

And finally, in lesson 7, you'll learn a variety of techniques that needed to re-create an urban docklands scene using a biro and brush pen.

So gather your materials and come and join Michele as you explore the wonderful combination of line and watercolour wash!

Level: Intermediate

Tutor: Michele Illing

Tutor: Michele Illing

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11 lessons

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  RATING: 4.99(5 votes) 


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