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Rob Dudley loves painting the land and sea. In this series, Rob paints a variety of full seas from around his home town in Devon.

He'll show you techniques for painting water, boats, skies and fields that can be applied to any location in the world.

Rob is a big advocate of getting out there to sketch and capture your local area and believes your paintings will be that much more personal than simply copying a photo.

Rob is one of our top 5 instructors on YouTube and has amasses hundreds of thousands of view on our YouTube channel.

LEVEL: beginner to intermediate


Crosby Beach
Boats on the Creek
Light on the Estuary
Newton & Noss
Flatford Buoy
Sparkling water

Tutor: Rob Dudley

Tutor: Rob Dudley



Thank you Rob for this lovely interpretation of reflection and bouy on a bank. I especially like your loose wet way with the reflections and use of rich wet marks and “tiger stripes”. This will DEFINATELY be my next painting piece. Many thanks for restoring my confidence in watercolour. Thank you to all of the tutors for making the painting experience enjoyable.


Thank you Rob, excellent in its simplicity and usefulness. A nifty approach to capturing reflections in water. A difficult subject at best.


This was a seemingly simple subject but the techniques were very formative -  especially the water effects. The method of doing the bouy and reflection was something for the memory bank! Great tutorial – learned a great deal 


Rob I loved watching you paint this painting. It was great to see you on the beach, sketching and then on to painting. A great teaching video. I’ve never been successful in painting a beach scheme and this has taught me a lot. Your enthusiasm is wonderful. It looked so easy and yet I know it isn’t from experience. I can’t wait to try painting my own beach scene.


Your enthusiasm for your subject and the medium of watercolour really comes through in this tutorial, as usual, Rob. Your straightforward explanation of techniques and brush work are easy to follow and you always remind us to make the painting our own. 


After watching this, I am now ready to have a go. Rob, your tutorials are wonderful and you are so encouraging in your teaching style. The tips on masking will be put to good use. And I love your sky style. 

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  RATING:  4.78  (268 votes) 

  RATING: 4.78  (268 votes) 


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