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In this comprehensive class, renowned classical artist Will Kemp will show you how to paint with acrylics like a professional. 

We will start with simpler studies building up to more complex final paintings.

Will is a master of capturing the essence of a subject with the minimum of brush strokes. If your acrylic paintings look over-worked or amateurish then let Will show you how to get complete control colour and value.

With 5 high quality lessons, these our some of most comprehensive and highly-rated classes on ArtTutor.

LEVEL: beginner to intermediate


Simple Sky
Cloudy Sky
Simple Mountains
Mountains & Buildings
Full Landscape

Tutor: Will Kemp

Tutor: Will Kemp


Mary Lynn Baker

As a beginner in acrylics this is just what I need.  While watching you work, however, I found that I kept looking for a view of the reference picture as you painted so that I could better understand the decisions you were making, but with or without it you've motivated me to do a still life painting.  Thanks for taking the time to help us improve out skills.

Barb Arty

I have to second the motion, Will is an excellent artist as well as an excellent teacher - which is harder to come across. Initially, I didn't like acrylics (they always appeared to me to be too vibrant, too harsh in colors), but the blending of colors makes all the difference, as I just seen used by Will. Thank you so much.


Bill Polm

Mr. Kemp takes you through all the steps to completing a lovely acrylic painting of a well composed landscape. He explains a lot as he paints, which makes the instruction really thorough. And throughout he mentions these little gems of design, color and painting technique knowledge and wisdom. These two videos are a mini course in artwork all by themselves. Again, well worth the time spent. He's inspired me to again pick up my acrylic brushes and do a suft scene.


Will you are such a great teacher. I love this tutorial and can't wait to have a go at this and the rest of the course.


I love the lessons of Will because of his good explanation and his humor, he always makes me laugh. Together with my sister (who never paints, but for fun joined me for a day) we've painted the pears. Thanks again Will!

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USD: $19.99

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5 lessons

  RATING:  4.72  (274 votes) 

  RATING: 4.72  (274 votes) 


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