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The Coloured Pencils Essentials is the most important course will teach you fundamental techniques that apply to any subject matter you choose to paint - things like blending, burnishing, tonal value and layering. Many of the lessons in other coloured pencil courses will assume you know the basics to save on repetition. 

LEVEL: beginner - Intermediate


Section 1 - Materials & Technique

Lesson 1 - Introduction
Lesson 2 - The Types of Coloured Pencil
Lesson 3 - Choosing the Right Paper
Lesson 4 - Grip & Pressure: How to Make Controlled Marks

Section 2 - Shading and Blending

Lesson 1 - Shading and Blending with Coloured Pencils
Lesson 2 - The Sphere Exercise
Lesson 3 - The Monochrome Underdrawing Exercise
Lesson 4 - Blending Light and Dark Colours

Section 3 - Other Equipment

Lesson 1 - Using Coloured Grounds
Lesson 2 - Can You Erase Coloured Pencil?

Section 4 - Quick Tips and Techniques

Lesson 1 - A Quick Shading Method
Lesson 2 - The Indented Line Technique
Lesson 3 - Burnishing and Blending

Section 5 - Full Demonstrations

Lesson 1 - Terracotta Plant Pots
Lesson 2 - Canal Reflections

Tutor: Jane Lazenby

Tutor: Jane Lazenby


Painter Man

Jane, thank you very much you made that so wonderfully easy to follow and your style of teaching is levels above everyone else.  Also you allow us to use our own pace and colours.  You steer us in a direction that is needed but allow us to work the way we feel comfortable.   I love these tutorials and the others you teach.  Thank you again.



Thanks Jane. I thoroughly enjoyed these tutorials - so many techniques to try out and I can't wait to give them a go.



Lovely tutorials and clearly explained and demonstrated. Such beautiful references, you do have a knack for lovely reference photos. Thank you. Loving the variety of CP tutorials that have been added recently.

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USD: $19.99

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15 lessons

  RATING:  4.86  (266 votes) 

  RATING: 4.86  (266 votes) 


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