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Geoff Kersey is a master of the watercolour landscape and one of Britain's (maybe even the world's) best watercolour instructors.

In this comprehensive series aimed at intermediate and advanced watercolourists, Geoff paints four stunning scenes from different parts of the world covering a huge range of painting tips and techniques.

His images and ratings speak for themselves and Geoff is this is our highest ranking class on ArtTutor

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Tuscan Landscape
Bike & Bougainvillea
Cumbrian Waterfall
Winter Landscape

Tutor: Geoff Kersey

Tutor: Geoff Kersey



Excellent teaching and so many good points included in this video. Thanks,

Patricia Schulenburg

Really loved doing this painting.  Your skill at teaching the viewer how to do this painting from beginning to end really worked for me.  I learned so much, doing the trees, the background fields, The roofs, the sheds the stone out building in the forground, shading and when to put it in.  The banks on the road, the colors and how they are layed down.  Mixing of watery colors and thick and the result.  So much learned, Thank You!  Looking forward to your next AT tutorial, please.

Laurie Smale

Just like to say 'Thank You' Geoff for the simple way you inspire us to be better painters!  You make each complicated step so simple and easy to follow which encourages us to strive to be clever painters too!  These are the elements of a great teacher: one who makes thngs easy for  others to realise their true potential. I look forward to more of your practical ideas and inspirations to help me grow in 2014. 



Brilliant demonstration. You are really good at communicating what you are doing!


Great video on colour mixing and brush use.  Thanks Geoff.  Very useful for me as I'm used to painting in British colours and could do with some warmer paintings!


I enjoy watching you paint, Geoff.  Your explanations of what you are doing and why provide important and useful information.  You do such a great job in explaining your process along with helpful information about brush work, brush sizes, technique, color mixing, etc. 


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4 masterclasses / 4.5 hours

  RATING:  5.00  (278 votes) 

  RATING: 5.00  (278 votes) 


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