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Alla Prima, which means wet on wet, is a loose and gestural way of painting which can produce a striking effect in a lot less painting time.

In this course, Peter Keegan shows you how to paint your own excellent and convincing portraits from scratch. He'll take you through the materials you need, his process for achieving a likeness and how to mix a range of skin tones.

You'll then progress on to two full portraits with very different characteristics and challenges.

While this is a more advanced oil painting course, you could also follow along with acrylics and plenty of slow drying medium.

If you've followed Peter's Alla Prima Portrait course, you may be interested in his accompanying book, with lots of different tips and techniques for painting portraits with the wet-on-wet method.  Get his book here >>   

Level: Advanced

Tutor: Peter Keegan

Tutor: Peter Keegan



Thank you, Peter. That was absolutely brilliant! I hope that John liked his portrait as much as I did. Loved the expressive style. I so appreciate all your 'think' talk as you paint. So many new understandings here for me. I can't thank you enough!!



Wonderful approach. Learned so much.  I've done several portraits and am always slavishly trying to get every details perfect.  This approach is so much more freeing with an equally pleasing end product, depending on your goals.

Thank you Peter.  Hope to see much more of your work.


Anne Turnbull

Very instructive - but could do with a little less talking so I could take everything in.  Love the way you arrange, and use, your palette.  When you 'wash' your brush what do you use? It sounds like you have a jug of water but that would not work with oils.


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  RATING:  4.89(9 votes) 

  RATING: 4.89(9 votes) 


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