In this course, Joanne is going to show you how to use the magic of Brusho® paint crystal to create 4 stunningly vibrant flower paintings.

Brusho®, with its range and intensity of colour is perfect for floral studies. And because it's so unpredictable, every painting is completely unique and very different from the one before - which makes them perfect gifts for friends and family.

Joanne will show you how to paint snowdrops with a restricted palette... a very colourful poppy seed head... some beautiful foxgloves... and a vibrant rendition of hollyhocks.

Ideally, you should follow the Brusho® Secrets course before you attempt these Brusho® florals lessons because the techniques and the subject matter a little more advanced. But if you've used Brusho before, come and join Joanne and get started making beautiful floral images today!

This course is available as a series of downloadable lessons that you can watch on your computer or mobile device.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Tutor: Joanne Thomas

Tutor: Joanne Thomas



Inspirational ! Must get that brusho out again!



Every time I watch one of your videos I learn something new that can be used in so many different mediums. I didn't have my Brusho handy so I just grabbed my inktense pencils and did three pictures of hollyhocks with them and a water brush. Thank you so much, you are such a great teacher.



Victoria B. Renner

Another inspiring Brusho Painting, Joanne. A good reason to get my Brusho out. Looks very easy and I need so much practice to achieve such a beautiful painting. Goes to my fav.



Joanne is an excellent instructor and I have learned much from her.  



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4 lessons

  RATING:  4.92 (22 votes) 

  RATING: 4.92 (22 votes) 


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