In this course, you're going to learn how to use the loose, expressive approach to watercolour painting through a series of 5 landscape studies.

Joanne builds on the techniques in her Loosen Up Your Watercolours course to show how to paint captivating landscapes with a range of textures and techniques.

Lessons include traditional landscapes, a townscapes and painting water. Joanne has also included two lessons that use the line & wash method.

Watercolour painting should be simple, fun and fast. These lessons stick to a limited palette and a small number of brushes and it's ideal for artists who are short on painting time.

If you've followed the Loosen Up Your Watercolours course, this is a perfect follow on!

LEVEL: beginner to intermediate

Tutor: Joanne Thomas

Tutor: Joanne Thomas


Marilyn Melville

Dear Joanne, I loved this tutorial!! The whites are so inviting!! I painted it also and will try it gain with some white barns from my Mom's area in Iowa, u.S. A. I am going to try to send you a picture of mine but not sure of my tech. Skills so we shall see if it works! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent! You make it look so easy!


Joanne, just finished watching the Yorkshire painting.  Ditto on everything Phyllis said.  I love your spunk, enthusiasm and willingness to help others.  You know I absolutely love your style and look forward to more.  You are so much fun!  If you ever come to the US to teach, please let me know!!!  Keep up the good work girl!


Hi Joanne - I just finished watching these videos; just the inspiration I need today to get going!!  I love your loose style, which is difficult for me; I always do way too much detail and I love to fiddle with my paintings and therefore they sometimes get overworked.  You are such a great, bubbly teacher and I enjoy your total enthusiasm for your subject.  I love your simple palette; where does one get such a great palette?  Do you mind sharing this information? I live in Canada, but I love to search out new products.  Also, what size paper are you using for your lesson?  Look forward to some more lessons from you.  Thanks......Donna


Dear Joanne,
I've only started seven months ago with watercolors and your lessons have been such a help and inspiration to me. It's amazing how much and how fast one benefits from them. Thx over and over again Joanne and keep up with the good work. With love from Belgium.


Joanne, I love to watch you work!  You have such an easy, relaxed style and impart a lot of technique and information as you go along.  I appreciate your comments on how to hold the brush and the paint consistency;  this is important information to have.  And you make a great case for using a limited palette.  I have never been very successful with landscapes but you are inspiring me to give it another go with the line and wash method.  You are very encouraging with your, "Be brave!" attitude and I need that boost of confidence.  I am so glad you are a part of Art Tutor.


I missed this when it was first posted.  Glad I found it now.  Lots of great tips for painting loose flowers ---something I find hard to do.    Thanks Joanne for another great tutorial. 

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5 Lessons / 4.5 hours

  RATING:  4.78  (268 votes) 

  RATING: 4.78  (268 votes) 


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