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Painting children is often a real challenge, and capturing the character of a child is very difficult indeed.

In this class, Rebecca de Mendonça takes you through everything you need to know to paint stunning pictures of children that you know and love.

She begins by talking about how to get good reference photographs, and then how to turn those into beautiful paintings. As with all of Rebecca's courses, there is a real emphasis on drawing and creating an excellent foundation that will build you a safety net when it comes to your finished piece.

The class culminates in two detailed studies that you can see in the images above. through these images you'll discover a wide range of advanced pastel techniques for creating textures such as skin, hair and clothing.

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Using Photographs
Drawing the Figure
Turning your Photographs into Paintings
Turning your Sketches into Paintings
Faces and Skin Tones
In the Meadow
Child on a Beach

Tutor: Rebecca de Mendonça

Tutor: Rebecca de Mendonça




I loved this lesson and would like to see more of them!! I found walking through Rebecca's thought process and preparation steps invaluable, and I feel that this info will help with my own growth. We are all so eager to jump right in and have "fun", but to create really stunning pieces, there is preparation to be done before putting pastel to paper. I feel that this course helps prepare us for creating our own pieces, and not just copying others. I loved the demo about the skeleton drawings, and will be trying that out myself. What a fabulous tip for getting the proportions correct on a person! This was one of my favorite courses that I've viewed so far, and I would love to see more like it. Thank you to Rebecca for sharing her process!

Grandma Judy

very nice, learned a whole lot, thanks

Geraldine Crowley

Thanks Rebecca. Beautiful tutorial. Vibrant colours


WoW! I love Rebecca de Mendonca preparation thought process. It will be very helpful to me to. 

Wendy K

Great instruction with helpful exercises! Thank you Rebecca!

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  RATING:  4.74  (61 votes) 

  RATING: 4.74  (61 votes) 


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