Here are the images you'll learn to paint in this class:


If you're already comfortable using pastel and you're inspired by the human figure expressed through artistic movement, then you'll love this class.

Rebecca de Mendonça loves to paint dancers, capturing a single moment with all its dynamism, vibrancy and colour! 

The class is broken down into stages focusing on key elements of figure painting.  Two final demonstrations ('Floating' and 'Fuga') combine everything you'll learn in the shorter studies into stunning works of art

A truly stunning class from a very experienced instructor!

LEVEL: advanced


Section 1 - The Body

Lesson 1 - The Skeleton
Lesson 2 - Proportions
Lesson 3 - Body Language
Lesson 4 - Fleshing out the Figures

Section 2 - Fabrics

Lesson 1 - Sparkle and Shine
Lesson 2 - Satin
Lesson 3 - Chiffon
Lesson 4 - Net
Section 3 - Finishing Touches

Lesson 1 - Emotion
Lesson 2 - Using Photographs
Lesson 3 - Composition
Lesson 4 - Movement and Magic
Lesson 5 - A Safety Net

Section 4 - Bringing it all together

Lesson 1 - 'Floating' 
Lesson 2 - An Introduction to 'Fuga'
Lesson 3 - 'Fuga'

Tutor: Rebecca de Mendonça

Tutor: Rebecca de Mendonça



This is a great course.  Pastels in Dance is definitely a favorite course of mine.  Every aspect of drawing the dancers in pastel is covered from the position of the spine to the fabric to the movement and even more.

jytte j

I just watched the introduction video and I was so facinated by the gracious mouvements of your hands which did a ballet just as nice as the dancers. Your explanation of the mouvements are very clear and precise? Thank you very much - Jytte J


I like how you explain the many aspects of the process that you go through.  It helps to actually watch artists manuever through all the choices one has in choosing the items of composition, from shape of subject to color of background support.  Excellent video Rebecca!  I am looking into learning to work in soft pastels and I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

Robyn B

Rebecca, thank you for this absolute amazing tutorial!!  Easy to follow, thanks for letting us know what materials ur using as there is a wide choice, I have really been encouraged by your many lessons to have a go at pastel painting, really only was using WC and graphite pencils for drawing.....I'm hooked on pastels, and I just love your freedom of movement that comes across in your work, hope you can one day produce a book with all your techniques! thank you so much


Rebecca, I am working on this now.  I have not worked with pastels for many years and am still trying to get the colors to blend and trying to layer colors is a challenge. You have done a beautiful job on this.

Liz Joy

Simply wonderful! Thank you.

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15 lessons / 3 hours

  RATING:  4.87  (146 votes) 

  RATING: 4.87  (146 votes) 


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