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Robert Dutton treats us to a rare six-part, advanced masterclass in pastel painting.

Venice is an iconic city that has been painted by the greats the world over and this is your chance to see how a true professional goes about re-creating his version of the Santa Maria Della Salute.

Watch as he takes his initial sketch of a beautiful Venetian scene to a complex finished piece full of expression, colour and light. 

Although this class focuses on one painting, the vast amount of techniques and decision making involved with give you tools to tackle many more scenes in this style. 

LEVEL: advanced


Blocking in and Blues
Pinks and Blues
Yellows and Greens
Lights and Darks
Pastel Pencils and Fine Details

Tutor: Robert Dutton

Tutor: Robert Dutton



I was looking forward to seeing Robert progress his pastel painting and it was worth the wait. You are a brilliant artist Robert and I am greatful that Arttutor has been able to give me the opportunity to see  your complex painting evolve, I enjoy it so much. It's like having a favourite film that I can play over and over.      My learning journey dealing with painting has only just begun and already I am captivated by the properties of pastels so being able to see an expert at work in such a creative way is a real inspiration. I am encouraged to work through my frustrating first attempts and although I know that such an ambitious painting is not within my ability yet, I can dream. Thankyou Robert and Arttutor

Karole USA

I have painted with acrylic for some years and I must say I picked up quite a few wonderful tips from this first video...I have never worked for such an extended period of time with the transparent strokes.  Very interesting and pleasing technique...will definitely add this to my to-do list.  I especially like the detailed sketch/preliminary drawing you started with -- allowing you to add so many grand washes of color.

Mary Lynn Baker

This was a great experience of watching a painting come together from so many strokes and colors.  This is exactly what my own painting is lacking - depth.   Now I can begin to experiment with your techniques and hopefully produce something with personality.  

Carol Oss

Hi Robert.  You are truly a great Instructor and  Artist.  YOu inspire us with your patient explanations of the scene, nuances of color,history of the location as well.  Thank you.. Beverley

Girija R

Fantastic work. Yet to learn these by practice only. Recently been to venice. Now I will look back to my photo album to pluck one and practice. Thank you Robert Dutton. Hope to see more of your tutorisl works.


Mr. Dutton, thanks for sharing so much information and for the easy way to impart your knowledge.  Here I go for # 2.   Mariana

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6 lessons / 2.5 hours

  RATING:  4.60  (77 votes) 

  RATING: 4.60  (77 votes) 


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