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Charcoal is cheap, quick and fun! It allows you to capture subjects expressively and  it's ideal for understanding tonal value

in this series of lessons, Joanne Thomas gives you a wide range of tips and techniques for drawing a variety of subject matter. The class is divided into two sections - one that focuses on drawing from reference photos, and one that focuses on drawing from life. 

The lessons are easy to replicate at home and Joanne's reference material is provided.

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LEVEL: beginner to intermediate


Section 1 - Drawing From Reference Photos

Poppy Heads

Section 2 - Drawing From Life

Landscape Plein Air
Brushes & Pot
Life Drawing

Tutor: Joanne Thomas

Tutor: Joanne Thomas


Carolyn Taylor

I've just done my first pen and charcoal wash, and loved doing it!  Thanks for your excellent lesson, which I really enjoyed, Joanne.  Now looking forward to the next lesson.  I can see why this method is so useful for learning about value.



I've tried this one and two other tutorials by Joanne and I think they are very useful and very funny too; lessons are well explained and demonstrated, I gained some confidence and routines, thank you.



Thank you so much Joanne!!!! I just got a gesso and covered my drawing paper with it! So it will be dry till tomorrow and I will do more drawing exactly as you showed!

Kpa Lava

Thank-you Joanne for another wonderful tutorial. I would love to see this lesson transformed into a watercolor lesson because it would be interesting to see how you interpret this charcoal drawing into a watercolor painting. Maybe there is a chance for this to happen?


Great lesson! Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed approach. The view of the model was slightly different to Joanne's. Would have been good to have an sample photo to use for practice but I can always find one elsewhere!! 10/10.


I've struggled with the human figure, and charcoal.  They never seem fluid and mistakes seemed impossible to "fix".  But watching you use the vine with abandon, to power in and then back off and reach in to get your hands dirty....smudging and fading, to sneak up again on the line that just didn't seem to be right, was a great lesson for someone who has only used charcoal pencils and kept the vine in the drawer and their hands off the paper.  I brought it out for this, and after this lesson, I will never put it back and I will never fear getting my hands dirty in pursuit of that line or shadow again.  Thanks so much Joanne, 

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  RATING:  4.75  (383 votes) 

  RATING: 4.75  (383 votes) 


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