Discover how to control the unique qualities of watercolour and master the art of the wet-into-wet technique.

Join professional art instructor Andrew Geeson as he shows you his fast and achievable method for painting watercolours that showcase what sets this medium apart from others.

Following on from Andrews 'Watercolour: Wet into Wet' course, Andrew now takes you through four new paintings that will help to develop your new skills of wet into wet painting.

LEVEL: beginner


1. Pheasant (36:04)
2. Violin (34:59)
3. Boat in the Harbour (27:43)
4. Trafalgar Square: Part 1 (30:22)
5. Trafalgar Square: Part 2 (24:33)

Tutor: Andrew Geeson

Tutor: Andrew Geeson



Wonderful tutorial as usual.  Learning the basics of wet into wet is not as easy as it looks.  Dabbing into the edges -- good point and well executed.  Can never learn enough and Andrew really gives all there is to know - well done !



very good.  this technique allows you to be freer and truly loose and be creative in a random sense for those of us who are too rigid at times.  will try this one for sure.  he is an excellent instructor.




I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I am tempted to try this using one of my husband's guitars set up with lighting from one side as the drawing didn't quite match the photo from where I was viewing. I would enjoy watching more of these loose painting tutorials with a little more explanation of why colours were chosen. However, my reasoning is by someone who gets caught up in realism and detail- shame on me. The end result was a lively exciting painting!


Jennifer Liu

Another excellent tutorial on fast and loose. I love it very much. Thanks a lot.




Love the Andrew Geeson style.  The painting may be classified as one-star ‘easy’ but to eventually reach the effect he achieves is not easy.  It requires a good eye for values, color, and overall recognizable output and this is challenging.  However, his excellent instruction makes you feel you can do it.  Tried this with a guitar and if one looks at the result it is not bad.  Just need to work on it some more.

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4 lessons

  RATING:  4.92 (12 votes) 

  RATING: 4.92 (12 votes) 


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