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The Oils Painting Essentials Course will teach you fundamental techniques that apply to any subject matter you choose to paint - things like colour mixing, tonal value and layering. Many of the lessons in our other oils painting courses will assume you know the basics to save on repetition. 

LEVEL: beginner


Section 1 - Materials & Set Up

Lesson 1 - A Guide to Oil Paints
Lesson 2 - All You Need to Know About Oil Brushes
Lesson 3 - A Guide to Oil Palettes
Lesson 4 - Painting Surfaces for Oils
Lesson 5 - Other Equipment You Need for Oil Painting
Lesson 6 - Choosing the Right Type of Easel
Lesson 7 - Setting Up Your Oil Painting Workspace
Lesson 8 - What Are Oil Painting Mediums?
Lesson 9 - Priming and Tinting Your Painting Surface
Lesson 10 - Cleaning Up Your Oil Paints & Brushes

Section 2 - The Basic Techniques

Lesson 1 - Activating & Layering Oil Paint
Lesson 2 - Mixing Oils on the Palette vs Surface
Lesson 3 - Making Your Mark
Lesson 4 - Using a Painting & Palette Knife
Lesson 5 - Blending Oil Paints
Lesson 6 - Scumbling, Scratching & Drybrush Techniques

Section 3 - Working With Colour

Lesson 1 - The Colour Wheel Made Easy
Lesson 2 - Hues, Tints, Shades & Tones
Lesson 3 - Colour Mixing with Oils
Lesson 4 - The Importance of Tonal Value
Lesson 5 - Understanding Ariel Perspective

Section 4 - Bringing It Together

Lesson 1 - Oil Painting Monochrome Exercise
Lesson 2 - The Value of a Tonal Sketch
Lesson 3 - A Simple Still Life
Lesson 4 - An Impasto Cow

Section 5 - Other Techniques

Lesson 1 - Glazing Your Oil Paintings
Lesson 2 - Varnishing Your Oil Paintings
Lesson 3 - Introducing Water Mixable Oils

Tutor: Bob Davies

Tutor: Bob Davies



Thank you Bob for explaining so well all the techniques, i have learned so much from your teaching methods, just have to do more practice, however am very pleased with what i have done so far. Thank you once again for Art Tutor.  just love it


Embracing Joy

What a fabulous lesson Bob!  You make everything seem so simple ... your explanations of how to ... AND why to ... are very easy to understand ... I can almost feel the light bulbs going off in my head when I listen to and watch you.  Thanks for sharing your seemingly bottomless pit of knowledge with the rest of us.



Bob is so pragmatic and sensitive to the full range of skills and budgets we students bring to painting. I find his teaching style ideal for the internet course format.  I have learned so much in such little time.

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28 lessons

  RATING:  4.89  (293 votes) 

  RATING: 4.89  (293 votes) 


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