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The Watercolour Painting Essentials Course will teach you fundamental techniques that apply to any subject matter that you choose to paint - things like colour mixing and colour shift, tonal value and dry brush work. Many of the lessons in our other watercolour courses will assume you know the basics to save on repetition. 

LEVEL: beginner


Section 1 - Materials & Set Up

Lesson 1 - A Guide to Watercolour Paints
Lesson 2 - Watercolour Paint Characteristics
Lesson 3 - A Guide To Watercolour Brushes
Lesson 4 - Storing & Caring For Your Brushes
Lesson 5 - A Guide To Watercolour Palettes
Lesson 6 - A Guide To Watercolour Paper
Lesson 7 - How To Stretch Watercolour Paper

Section 2 - The Basic Techniques

Lesson 1 - Brushstrokes & Mark Making
Lesson 2 - Determining The Strength Of Paint
Lesson 3 - Working Flat Vs Incline
Lesson 4 - Getting To Grips With Washes
Lesson 5 - Understanding Colour Shift
Lesson 6 - Creating A Variegated Wash
Lesson 7 - The Wet-In-Wet Technique
Lesson 8 - Runbacks, Cauliflowers & Watery Blooms
Lesson 9 - Layering Washes
Lesson 10 - The Dry Brush Technique
Lesson 11 - Lifting Out Watercolour Paint
Lesson 12 - Using Negative Space

Section 3 - Working With Colour

Lesson 1 - The Colour Wheel Made Easy
Lesson 2 - Colour Mixing With Watercolours
Lesson 3 - Colour Mixing Continued
Lesson 4 - Hues, Tints, Shades and Tones
Lesson 5 - The Importance Of Tonal Contrast
Lesson 6 - Mixing Muddy Colours
Lesson 7 - Mixing On The Palette Vs On The Paper
Lesson 8 - Understanding Aerial Perspective

Section 4 - Bringing It All Together

Lesson 1 - The Value Of A Tonal Sketch
Lesson 2 - Your First Watercolour

Section 5 - Other Techniques To Explore

Lesson 1 - Glazing Over Watercolours
Lesson 2 - An Introduction To Pen & Wash
Lesson 3 - Using Salt With Watercolours
Lesson 4 - Have Fun With Spattering
Lesson 5 - Using Sponges For Mark Making

Tutor: Bob Davies

Tutor: Bob Davies




A superb set of lessons I'll be able to revisit.  Having looked at them all, I will now come back and follow them in more detail.  Thank you for such a reference.




This has been a fantastic foundation course. I really enjoyed the lessons and have gained a lot of insight into the techniques and hope that there will more of Bob's presentations.




Just finished my first module on watercolours in 24 days. It was excellent. Thank you Bob very much. I learned a load and enjoyed doing everyone of the exercises.

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34 lessons

  RATING:  4.89  (252 votes) 

  RATING: 4.89  (252 votes) 


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